Games for Apps and Website

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“Games for Apps and Website” provides curated collection of over 250 premium games and start generating revenue and engagement for Free. This games can be easily integrated in your app and website. Not only that we provide 100% free support !!!

What sets us apart is the ability to customize these games with your brand’s logo, splash screen , theme and many more, ensuring a unique and professional representation. It’s a strategic opportunity for your brand to elevate engagement and generate revenue effortlessly.

🎁 Free Features:

  • 🌐 100% Customer Support: Seamless integration into your apps and website guaranteed!
  • 🎮 Multi-Platform : Engage users on PC, Tablet, and Phone effortlessly.
  • 🕹️ Diverse Game Library: Choose from 250+ games spanning various genres for unlimited entertainment.
  • 📊 Vendor Dashboard: Take control with real-time insights and analytics.
  • 💸 Ads Revenue Share (50-50): Monetize your digital space and share the success!

💡 Paid Features:

  • 🚫 Ads-Free Experience
  • 🖼️ Brand Personalization: Add your logo and splash screen for a customized, branded experience.
  • 🏆Leaderboard with Tournaments: Engage your customer and gratify your user with leaderboard and tournament system.
  • 📈 Custom Vendor Dashboard: Tailor your analytics for precise business insights.

Red Tail Fox invites brands , business owner or marketer looking to have games for free in their apps and website. And start generating massive engagement and revenue.

What kind of website and apps can apply for free games?

Website and Apps with daily traffic of 3000 or more can apply for Games for their apps and Website for free. 

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