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Buy Dodge Bot HTML5 Games to transform your online business a game by Red Tail Fox. It seamlessly operates on Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop, offering easy integration with 100% support. Unleash fast-paced action, test reflexes, and drive prolonged engagement. Elevate your business, captivate your audience, and click now to Preview the Demo or Buy Dodge Bot. Redefine the gaming experience for your users with Red Tail Fox! 🤖🎮✨

Buy Dodge Bot HTML5 Games Summary:

  1. Fully functional, compiled game.
  2. For use on multiple project / end-product only.
  3. Deploy on multiple domain of choice.
  4. No customization (game provided as-is) with full code base and design elements.
  5. For additional customizations, exclusive licensing, please email– we will provide you a custom price quote.

License Dodge Bot HTML5 Games Summary:

  1. Fully functional, compiled game.
  2. Can be licensed for 1 month, 3 months, 6 month and a year.
  3. For use on one project / end-product only.
  4. Deploy on one domain of choice.
  5. No customization (game provided as-is).
  6. For additional customizations, multiple use or other requests, exclusive licensing, please email– we will provide a custom price quote

What is HTML-5 Games?

HTML5 marketing games is a fusion of entertainment and advertising. In a fast-paced world with short attention spans, these games offer quick, compelling interactions. Seamlessly leveraging the power of HTML5 game technology, we enable swift development and instant distribution across smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Explore a dynamic realm where engaging content meets effective marketing. Elevate your strategy with HTML5 marketing games.

Why brand love HTML-5 Games?

HTML5 marketing games for brands is powerful marketing tool for online campaigns, these interactive games propel your brand to the forefront of discussions, whether fostering awareness, building an audience, generating leads, or cultivating customer loyalty.

Crafted with a responsive edge using HTML5 technology, these games seamlessly load on smartphone, tablet, and desktop browsers. Short, fun, and highly engaging, they captivate your audience effortlessly.

Operated through a microsite (landing page), these games become effortlessly shareable across various platforms – from social media and email campaigns to chatrooms, conferencing software, and any web-based medium. Elevate your brand’s conversation with HTML5 marketing games.

Can you implement leaderboard in the game?

Yes! We offer a cloud-based leaderboard solution seamlessly integrated into every game on Red Tail Fox. Display it within the game or use a separate link for specific event sections.

Effortlessly rank users by high scores with the option to reset the leaderboard at scheduled intervals. Access the collected data through our backend CMS, allowing clients to view and export it in Excel format.

For added convenience, we provide a straightforward API for your engineers to retrieve the data.

Do you offer customization of the game?

Absolutely! Tailoring to your objectives, we can customize various elements within the game:

  • Graphics and audio
  • Theme variations
  • Background adjustments
  • Object arrangement
  • Game rules or logic
  • Incorporating brand logos or embedding product images

Simply reach out to us at, share your requirements, and we’ll gladly assist in creating a personalized game experience for you.

How do i generate leads from HTML5 marketing games?

Certainly! We offer several solutions tailored to your preferences:

  1. Effortless Sign-Up:
    • Incorporate a “Sign up to play” form seamlessly with our proprietary cloud-based system—simple, efficient, and cost-effective.
  2. Interactive Marketing:
    • Integrate a QR code or Ingame Ads with an enticing offer at the game’s conclusion, redirecting users to your dedicated landing page.

Depending on your data collection needs, we can customize lead generation form fields. Gather essential information like names, emails, phone numbers, and occupations, or opt for a concise mini-survey format. Your choice, your data.

What kind reward we can give to the users?

Our clients commonly distribute coupons, vouchers, or gift codes to enhance consumer loyalty. These rewards are often given to random winners or top scorers on leaderboards.

Post-event, the organizer usually reaches out to the winners.

It’s important to note that rewards are optional. Not every game needs to provide incentives; sometimes, the game itself serves as a rewarding experience.

Do I get analytics of the game?

Certainly! We offer analytics and a user-friendly dashboard for seamless monitoring of your leads, players, and rewards.

Tailoring to your project needs, we can furnish a CMS backend. This enables you to log in, access data, and effortlessly export it into various formats like Excel.

On which platform we can deploy the game?

The game seamlessly integrates into diverse platforms, including websites, apps, conferencing software, intranet systems, offline setups, or packaged embedding within native iOS/Android environments.

With our HTML5 technology, effortless portability is ensured, enabling the game to adapt to any target platform of your choice.


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